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Your time is valuable. You don’t have to spend time finding a qualified lawyer. No need to show up for court.

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Save money and avoid increases to your insurance premium. One speeding ticket could raise your insurance by a staggering $983 over the next 3 years!

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Talk To Lucy, Snap A Photo of Your Ticket, Submit Your Ticket, Connect With A Lawyer.

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Your team of lawyers will fight to keep your driving record clean.

Have More Questions?

What is TicketRX?

TicketRX, a digital platform, provides a one-touch solution which connects motorists with traffic attorneys. Motorist may use TicketRX free of charge.

How does TicketRX work?

A motorists uses the TicketRX platform to locate traffic attorneys in his/her area or where a traffic infraction occurred. The motorist answers a few simple questions, uploads an image of the traffic ticket, and a local attorney contacts the motorist.

Can TicketRX locate an attorney in my state?

TicketRX currently lists attorneys in Missouri and Kansas. As TicketRX expands its services, TicketRX will add attorneys in other states.