TicketRX provides CDL holders with a one-touch solution to federal and state Department of
Transportation compliance, CSA, and traffic law issues. The simple TicketRX platform
connects CDL holders with qualified local attorneys. A TicketRX user can review attorney bios, obtain
contact information and potential rates, and retain an attorney by accessing the TicketRX platform.

Why use TicketRX?

1. Number of citations issued per year:
Federal and State Inspectors conducted 3 million roadside inspections in 2016 and issued
approximately 2 million citations for driver violations, driver out-of-service violations, and vehicle
OOS violations in 2016. FMCSA, Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS), data
snapshot as of February 24, 2017.

2. Know your rights:
State DOT regulations generally mirror Federal DOT regulations but there is local variations. A local
attorney can represent CDL holders and provide counsel during the legal process. A CDL holder who
pleads guilty to a traffic infraction and pays the fine may waive certain rights to appeal or
reduce/modify the violation.

3. Pain Points
a. Impact on the FMCSA’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) Score, Pre-Employment
Screening Program (PSP), and Motor Vehicle Report (MVR).
b. Termination of employment and future employment prospects.
c. Lost wages and potential hours of service while in court.
d. An increase in insurance premiums and potential cancellation of the policy.
e. Lack of knowledge about qualified local attorneys.
f. Payment of fines and penalties, suspension of operator’s license, and a potential jail sentence.

4. It is affordable for CDL drivers to download and use:
TicketRX is not a law firm or legal service membership. It is a affordable service for CDL holders. TicketRX
will provide a CDL holder with highly qualified local attorneys no matter your location. From Burbank
to Bangor, TicketRX can help.