What is TicketRX?

TicketRX, a digital platform, provides a one-touch solution which connects motorists with traffic attorneys. Motorist may use TicketRX free of charge.

How does TicketRX work?

A motorists uses the TicketRX platform to locate traffic attorneys in his/her area or where a traffic infraction occurred. The motorist answers a few simple questions, uploads an image of the traffic ticket, and a local attorney contacts the motorist.

Can TicketRX locate an attorney in my state?

TicketRX currently lists attorneys in Missouri and Kansas. As TicketRX expands its services, TicketRX will add attorneys in other states.

What are the potential benefits of hiring an attorney for a traffic ticket?

a. Alternative penalties or reduced fines with the Court

b. A dismissal of the ticket

c. Prevention or reduction of points on driver’s license

d. Avoiding time off work for a court appearance

e. Averting an insurance rate increase

Why is TicketRX better than asking a friend for a referral?

Friends are great and we value their opinion. The problem, however, is that friends may have conflicting opinions on a good attorney. TicketRX provides a solution to the problem of asking friends for a referral. The motorist can review the profiles of attorneys and select the attorney who works the best for the motorist.

Can I select my own attorney?

Yes. The choice of an attorney is very important and should not be based solely on advertising. TicketRX does not refer motorists to specific attorneys. Motorists should consider a number of factors before selecting an attorney.

Can I contact my attorney directly?

Yes. TicketRX provides a platform which connects the motorist with an attorney. TicketRX does not provide client support or any other types of services which would control or interfere with the attorney-client relationship.

How are attorneys selected for TicketRX?

Attorneys sign up for the TicketRX service and provide basic information such as state bar membership, location of practice, years of experience, proof of professional liability insurance, and contact information. Any licensed attorney may utilize the TicketRX platform.

Why can’t TicketRX list the fees?

The motorist and attorney negotiate legal fees. TicketRX does not provide legal services and may not set legal fees for other attorneys.

Why does TicketRX need a picture of the ticket?

The TicketRX computer program scans and identifies relevant information from the ticket (motorist name, court date, traffic infraction, etc). By automating this initial client intake function, TicketRX saves the motorist time usually spent on completing a form.

What security measures protect personal information?

TicketRX employs commercially reasonable efforts to protect personal information. TicketRX can not provide specifics on the efforts but considers data protection a major emphasis of the company.

How long does TicketRX retain the personal information?

TicketRX retains an image of the ticket and motorist contact information for 30 days post original hearing date or until motorist retains an attorney utilizing the TicketRX platform. The motorist may request removal of the information by contacting TicketRX.

Does TicketRX provide legal advice?

No. TicketRX does not engage in the practice of law, provide legal advice, set legal fees, or represent an individual in the court system. Use of the TicketRX platform does not form an attorney-client relationship with TicketRX or any attorney listed on the TicketRX platform.

Please review the TicketRX Terms and Conditions section and Disclaimer section for more information.