Everyone dreads getting pulled over, but as a CDL driver, it can mean your career is on the line. Keep reading to get a better understanding of what getting a ticket can mean for your career.

Obviously, the severity of the consequences depends on the type of ticket received. There’s a big difference between driving slightly above the speed limit and drinking and driving. Some more serious offenses bar you from holding a CDL license and ever applying for one again.

These could include vehicular manslaughter, leaving the scene of a crime, DUI, or any felony charge associated with your commercial vehicle. Smaller issues such as incorrectly parking or speeding may not become an issue unless you receive multiple tickets regarding the issue over a period of time.

When decisions are being made about you and your CDL license, one of the biggest factors is your driving history. A couple of tickets over, say, a ten-year period isn’t likely to have a big impact on your ability to find work. But, if you are seen as a reckless driver, for instance several speeding tickets on your record on a consistent annual basis, the consequences could be severe.

A company could elect not to hire you, and even worse, your insurance could elect not to cover you for commercial driving, making your ability to find work in the industry impossible. Commercial driving is a big responsibility, adhering to traffic laws are (obviously) your best bet when it comes to keeping your record clean.

In the event of a ticket, prescribe TicketRX. We connect CDL drivers with a lawyer in the area in which their infraction occurred. Hiring a lawyer dramatically decreases your chances of an offense showing up on your record, and even the likelihood of you having to miss work to show up for court! In the event of a serious infraction you should always seek the help of a law professional, but as a CDL driver, it makes sense to seek professional help every time. TicketRX is here to help!

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